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All Systems - Facility Maintenance

Facilities at AFRL DSRC are currently undergoing emergency maintenance. This maintenance will prevent Yubikey users from obtaining a Kerberos ticket. CAC users should be unaffected, but there may be a slight delay in obtaining a ticket. OpenID Connect is currently unavailable. Users attempting to access any system at AFRL DSRC - including Mustang, Warhawk, Blackbird, the CWFS, or the archive - may also experience intermittent issues connecting to those systems. Staff at the AFRL DSRC are investigating the issue and are working to resolve it. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA to provide at this time for a return to service. The HPC Help Desk will not be able to provide phone assistance to users during this maintenance period. However, users are invited to report problems and direct requests for unclassified assistance to the HPC Help Desk via email at

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