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EnSight is an advanced software tool for the interactive visualization and animation of results data from a wide variety of finite element modeling applications in fields such as CFD, combustion modeling, injection molding simulation, and structural deformation.

EnSight can load and visualize multiple scalar and vector variables simultaneously. Variables can be selectively loaded or unloaded to conserve memory. Variables from different time steps can be shown simultaneously. EnSight has full support for all types of transient and periodic data (rotational, translational, and mirror). EnSight provides 1D, 2D, and 3D clipping with a variety of linear, planar, and quadric tools. The tools can be positioned interactively or via numeric type-in. Clips become parts, which can be manipulated individually or in groups and can be used for subsequent operations (e.g. as parent surfaces for contours, vector arrows, or even additional clips).

EnSight Gold contains all of the features found in EnSight, and also contains these additional features; Parallel processing on SMP systems for more than 2 CPUs; The ability to update a block structured part after its creation; Support for VR environments; and New user-reader routines to permit faster data loading, similar to Gold file format. Also contains several performance options including line culling for faster line performance; Duplicate edges of polygons are removed; a faster transparency option; point cloud bounding box option, allows 5x rendering speedup; partial point/partial polygon rendering for faster display mode.


EnVideo is a simple-to-use software application that solves problems with viewing videos of high-end visualizations over the Internet or intranet. The software allows users to play common movie files such as .evo, .avi, .mpg. The CEI-created .evo format runs identically well on Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac computers. EnVideo .evo files are comparable in size to AVI and MPEG files, but provide much better image quality than either of those formats. EnVideo .evo files offer lossy or lossless compression.


EnLiten is a free 3D geometry viewer for viewing, analyzing and manipulating complex visualization scenarios. It requires no special software skills and runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac computers. EnLiten enables collaboration and communication of high-end visualizations for CFD, FEA, crash analysis, aerodynamics, scientific visualizations and other applications. Outputs are available in standardized formats such as AVI, EVO, JPEG, MPEG, PCL, PICT, PostScript, RGB, Targa, or TIFF.


Reveal is a 3D geometry player for viewing, analyzing and manipulating complex visualization scenarios created in EnSight or in other applications. Reveal enables communication complex 3D simulations and models in fields such as CFD, FEA, crash analysis, aerodynamics, and scientific visualizations and runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS.


EnVe is the EnVideo editor. EnVe is a tool for "pasting" together multiple animation segments into a complete movie. The editor can be used either interactively or from command files. Currently, EnVe can join multiple animation segments, duplicate images, and create fades. It reads and writes CEI's .evo formatted movie files that support lossless compression and stereo animations.


USAGE - EnSight

  • Check available modules: module avail
  • Check loaded modules: module list
  • Load a module: module load <module_name>
  • Unload a module module unload <module_name>

To use version 9.2.2d (latest 9.2.2 version) users must use the start-up command, 'ensight92', which will check out a GOLD license token, if the license has one.

To use version 10.0.2 users must use the start-up command, 'ensight100', which will check out a GOLD license token, if the license has one.

NOTE: The EnSight deployed on the Utility Servers when using SRD is supported by DAAC.

This install uses modules as well and the same startup commands, but also supports the following start-up syntax in the default OpenGL mode after loading the desired module:

vglrun ensight100.srd -np #

(Replace the # above with the number of Processors... 8 or 16)

EnSight will fall back to a STANDARD license token, if one is available, and a GOLD license token is not.

The command line option '-standard' will force the client to try first for a STANDARD license token. However, if one is not available, it will use a GOLD license token, if it is available, but only STANDARD features will be allowed.

Command Description
ensight <-h>, or <-help> Display options for different modes.
ensight Runs in client/server mode on the same system.
ensight <-v> Reports the version information without starting EnSight.
ensight.client -cm Runs the EnSight client; listens for a manual connection from a server.
ensight.server -c <machine> Runs the EnSight server; prompts for a client machine to which it can connect.
ensight -gold EnSight Gold provides parallel processing and rendering support as well as virtual reality capability.

USAGE - EnVideo, EnLiten, EnVe, Reveal

Command Description
Envideo <-h>, <-help> Display usage options
enliten <-h>, or <-help> Display usage options
enve <-nogui> In files are assumed to be Python scripts if -nogui is used.
reveal <-h>, or <-help> Display usage options


For information on supported platforms, versions and licenses, please check the AFRL DSRC Software Page: